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AIRTECH helps BGI's "Huo-yan" fight the epidemic!

AIRTECH helps BGI's "Huo-yan" fight the epidemic!

2021/01/11 14:05


In the past few days, there have been many local confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and the rising number has affected the hearts of the people across the country. On January 6, Shijiazhuang launched a full-scale nucleic acid test across the city, striving to complete it within 3-4 days.


In order to complete such a large amount of inspections, local medical staff assembled urgently in cold weather and set off overnight. The whole city began to act, including medical teams from all over the country.



Fighting the epidemic requires no delay. On January 8th, the "Huo-yan" laboratory with a daily detection throughput of 100,000 single tubes quickly appeared in the Hebei Gymnasium. At the same time, the Shijiazhuang Huada Medical Laboratory and the on-board "Huo-yan" laboratory have been in place.



The construction of the "Huo-yan" laboratory in Hebei Gymnasium took only 10 hours, fully demonstrating China's speed. The laboratory consists of 13 chambers of air membranes, with a daily detection throughput of 100,000 single tubes, and the maximum daily detectable sample volume reaches 1 million. Various instruments and equipment are available in the laboratory, and the biological safety cabinet of AIRTECH is also particularly prominent.



Since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, AIRTECH has established close cooperation with BGI. Wuhan " Huo-yan " in February 2020, UAE " Huo-yan " in March, Serbia " Huo-yan " in April, Beijing " Huo-yan " in June, Hong Kong " Huo-yan " in September, Qingdao " Huo-yan " in October, etc. All are equipped with our clean equipment, and we are also very honored to be able to provide professional clean technology solutions for BGI.



In 2020, AIRTECH and BGI jointly fought the epidemic and established a deep friendship. At the BGI Annual Conference at the end of the year, we were named "Excellent Partner of the Year 2020" and awarded the "Everyone Picking Firewood and Flame High" award. For this, we are honored and grateful for the great contribution made by the BGI team in 2020.


In the long-term fight against COVID-19, we have accumulated a lot of experience, able to respond positively, without panic or cowardice, with the strong leadership of the national government, the spirit of guidance to move forward, and the ability to respond like BGI which with rich combat experience participates, I believe that it is only a matter of time before the epidemic in Hebei is overcome!