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AIRTECH assists the prevention and control of the epidemic in the urban nucleic acid testing base!

AIRTECH assists the prevention and control of the epidemic in the urban nucleic acid testing base!

2021/01/30 09:42


In order to cope with possible local clusters of epidemics, ensure that large-scale population nucleic acid tests are completed in a short time and orderly. On the afternoon of January 25, Zhangzhou City Nucleic Acid Testing Base carried out a practical exercise of full-load testing!


With the dean’s order, dozens of inspectors who were ready to go immediately engaged in intensive exercises, and they were methodically conducting nucleic acid extraction and analysis in AIRTECH’s biological safety cabinet. The nucleic acid testing of 3,600 people was successfully completed within hours, effectively testing the operating capacity of the Zhangzhou nucleic acid testing base.



At present, the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic abroad is severe, and the domestic epidemic situation occurs locally. In the winter and spring when infectious diseases are high, the epidemic prevention and control work is becoming more and more difficult. Under this circumstance, the commissioning of urban nucleic acid testing bases will significantly enhance the on-site emergency response capabilities of new infectious diseases in various regions, and provide strong technical support and prevention and control guarantee.



Since the beginning of this month, nucleic acid testing bases in many cities across the country have been completed. The renovation of laboratories in some areas was even completed during the continuous construction of the staff for several days. In order to respond to the need to conduct large-scale nucleic acid testing for all employees during the upcoming Spring Festival return home, because the epidemic prevention and control is urgent!



Most of the urban nucleic acid testing bases are re-planned and transformed from PCR laboratories, covering reagent preparation areas, specimen extraction areas, product amplification areas, and autoclaving areas. A standardized negative pressure ventilation system is adopted to ensure the individual flow of personnel to ensure laboratory biological safety. Standard equipment such as specimen processing system, biological safety cabinet, real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, and automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument.


AIRTECH has served the biomedical industry for decades. With good quality and thoughtful service, our products have a good reputation and reputation in the industry, and have always been the first choice in the hearts of a large number of users. In the current wave of PCR laboratory transformation, Sujing Antai once again reached a cooperative relationship with many medical institutions across the country to provide professional air cleaning solutions for their urban nucleic acid testing bases.