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Only for better丨AIRTECH product quality comprehensive analysis
  Quality and integrity are the life of an enterprise.AIRTECH Suzhou is a joint venture established by SUJING Group and AIRTECH Japan in 1994, and is one of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province. AIRTECH Suzhou has always implemented the enterprise spirit of "Insist on Honesty" and "Pursue Excellence". It not only inherited the traditional technology of SUJING, but also continuously introduced and absorbed the leading air purification technology from Japan and the world to achieve the well-known AIRTECH Suzhou brand. In the past, we played an important role in fighting SARS, assisting Sierra Leone in fighting Ebola, fighting MERS, and fighting African swine fever.     With the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in the first half of this year, AIRTECH Suzhou once again stood up and provided a large number of safety cabinets and other products needed by the market to protect the lives of all mankind. All this is due to the consistent and stable product quality that AIRTECH Suzhou has been relying on for decades.   Advanced and efficient sheet metal processing technology   In order to improve product quality, AIRTECH Suzhou started with the most basic sheet metal, and successively introduced high-precision processing equipment such as CNC sheet metal processing centers, advanced filter manufacturing centers, and automatic welding robots from the United States, Japan, and Germany. These ensure that the quality of the product is consistent with international brands.     This year, we have introduced an imported fully automatic sheet metal processing equipment, which can complete the stamping, cutting and bending of standard plates without any intermediate processing, and directly generate sheet metal forming workpieces. Under the premise of not occupying pipeline time, flexible programming and automatic settings can be used with fully automatic welding robots to ensure accurate and stable sheet metal processing quality.   Safe and environmentally friendly electrostatic coating process    Painting is an important link in modern product manufacturing technology. The quality of anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating is one of the important links of the overall product quality. The appearance quality of a product not only reflects the protective and decorative performance of the product, but also constitutes an important factor in the value of the product.     AIRTECH Suzhou has its own coating production line, using electrostatic spraying process, the coating adopts the Dutch AkzoNobel environmentally friendly powder coating, as the most environmentally friendly powder coating in the coating industry, it does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), and it is the strongest and weather resistant Features escort the quality of our products.   Follow a strict quality management system   ISO9001 is the standard for quality management system certification. Through certification, companies can prove their ability to stably provide products that meet the requirements of customers and applicable laws and regulations. Effective operation of the system can enable enterprises to continuously improve and obtain better benefits. ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification can not only ensure the quality of your products, but also continuously improve the internal processes of the enterprise, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.       For the medical device industry, the conformity of product design and production is crucial, because the quality of medical device products will directly affect human health and life. Today, ISO13485 standard certification is the threshold for medical device manufacturing and operating companies. AIRTECH Suzhou has passed the dual certification of ISO9001 and ISO13485, and implements the control of the entire production process to ensure the traceability and high quality of the products.   Stable and reliable core components   Taking biological safety cabinets as an example, all-round product upgrades have been completed from type 00 to type 04. The new generation of type 04 safety cabinets uses high-efficiency and energy-saving DC brushless constant air volume fans, which can save energy by more than 40% year-on-year. The air volume intelligent compensation system ensures that when the resistance of the high efficiency filter increases by 50%, the air volume change is less than 10%, which is safer to use. AIRTECH Suzhou has an independent filter production line. We import high-efficiency, low-pressure drop, high-strength and low-boron content air filter elements from American HV Company, which can reduce the pressure drop and extend the service life of the filter. The sealing strip formed by the robot gluing equipment can achieve the effect of one-time molding.     The sliding door system is one of the most frequently operated parts by users, so it requires good stability and durability in terms of performance
Passionate love Education, Supported by Intelligent Technology
For the last half year, all over the world are struggling to fight against for the COVID 19, Suzhou Antai Airtech do our best to supply a large number of Biosafety Cabinet for all of New PCR Labs for expanding the scope and capability of nucleic acid detection. During the epidemic all of industry stopped, the education was also been hit, all of school from Kinder garden, Primary School, Middle School, to colleague were closed or delay open, at that time a new intelligent education model: on line education to be birth.  From 2020, What kind of development and change will happen to education field?   Intelligent education Future direction of education   Online education is a way of learn on the network. With the network, students and teachers they could also carry out teaching activities even thousands of miles, teaching not limited by time and place, can teach and learn at any time, no need face to face in the classroom. During the epidemic, There are 300 million teachers and students “no school” in China, the on line education take the responsibility to keep learning for all of students.      There are some advantages for online education: It’s great flexibility to break the shackles of time and place. Secondly, everyone could share quality educational resources. At last the Internet has become an important tool for adult, it impact on our study and life. The disadvantages: The online education platform is numerous, competition is fierce, generally exists the advanced, the high-ranking discipline education; also Teachers can’t answer questions accurately and timely.     This "education + Internet" will be a reform for traditional education. Network education shows the imbalance in current primary and secondary education and its advantages in satisfying students' personalized learning needs. With the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, block chain, 5G network, big data and other new technologies, the future education will gradually evolve into real individualized and intelligent education.     Suzhou Airtech Works for intelligent education   In the 1970s and 1980s, Suzhou Airtech took the lead in the development of the first domestic Clean Bench and won the silver award issued by the National Quality Award examination committee, and then BHC Biosafety Cabinets also won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Since then, Suzhou Airtech keep our original intention, make persistent efforts, pursue innovation, pay attention to best quality and service, constantly win the praise of users, to become one of the recommended enterprises of the High-tech Fair, help Sichuan University scientific research achievements transformation. Now, Suzhou Airtech products have been widely distributed in universities and scientific research institutions and enjoying a good reputation all over the word.   In order to go with the intelligent times, Suzhou Airtech are studying how to combine our equipment and Internet of Things technology to better serve customers in the past two years, So we introduced IoT smart connecting Biosafety cabinet. In addition to all the functions of a conventional Biosafety cabinet, it could be operation remotely through a small program on the mobile phone, as well as monitor the running state of the device, which can greatly save users' time and improve efficiency.
Airtech Products equipment in PCR Laboratory
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2020-05-30 09:16
What’s PCR Laboratory? PCR Laboratory is called gene amplification labs. PCR is the abbreviation of polymerase chain reaction, is a molecular biology technology, used to amplify specific DNA fragments, can significantly increase the amount of trace DNA, is a conventional method of molecular biology research and experiments.     By DNA gene tracking system, we can quickly grasp the virus in patients, as high nanometer level. It can accurately detect the number of new virus in patients, whether it is duplicated, whether it is contagious, how infectious it is, whether it is necessary to take medicine, whether the liver function is abnormal or not, which kind of antiviral drugs are the most suitable for patients to use in time, judge the efficacy of drugs, and provide a reliable basis for clinical treatment.     PCR Laboratory main experimental items are AIDS detection, hepatitis B, avian disease, oncogene detection and diagnosis, DNA finger prints, individual identification, paternity testing and forensic evidence and so on.     How Important the PCR Laboratory in viral research? PCR laboratory can effectively protect operators from infection, protect pathogen samples from contamination, and protect the environment from contamination in virus research.     PCR laboratory air flow must be strictly in accordance with: reagent storage and preparation area → specimen preparation area → amplification product analysis area, the air pressure is gradually decreased, to preventing the amplification products along with the air flow into the amplification area. If not have professional and strict ventilation design, will make the air flow chaos, harm operator health.     The PCR laboratory have played a key role in the fight against COVID-19, thousands of new COVID-19 nucleic acids test paper been tested every day, it’s used in every country major hospitals and research institutions.     Airtech Products equipment in PCR Laboratory For the COVID-19, there are four areas for nucleic acid test paper detection will be in the PCR laboratory: reagent preparation area, sample preparation area, amplification area and amplification product analysis area. The reagent preparation area for receiving the patient's sample, the sample preparation area is for extracting the nucleic acid of the sample, the amplification area is the amplified copy nucleic acid sample, the analysis area after amplification is the nucleic acid sample paired with the standard sample, if detected, it’s positive, if not is negative.     Air Laminar Flow used at reagent preparation area as a operating table, equipped with sampler, refrigerator, balance, low speed centrifuge, mixer, movable ultraviolet lamp and other equipment in the PCR laboratory; Biosafety Cabinet used in specimen preparation areas in the PRC laboratory. Suzhou Airtech Laminar Air Flow and biosafety cabinet are humanized design, the adjustable air supply system with high efficiency and energy saving. Biosafety Cabinet unique patent technology of "preventing leakage" and "unobstructed return air ", can protect the operator, test sample and laboratory environment very well.     The Laminar Air Flow and the biosafety cabinet are both play a key role at the COVID 19 nucleic acid detection and extraction. Not only used in PCR laboratories, but also used in P1, P2, P3 and P4 laboratories. Except for Laminar Air Flow and Biosafety cabinets, Suzhou Airtech also have a series of clean products, such as Pass Box, Clean hand dryers, cleaning units and air outlets.  
Suzhou Antai Airtech still keeping support fight for the COVID 19
When the Spring coming, Wuhan city is wake up again after lockdown 76days for COVID19. From the cold winter to the warm spring, from the clouds to the sunshine, Wuhan City restore the prosperity of th
Suzhou Airtech all night long to supporting Wuhan fight for the Coronvirus
DuringtheChinaSpringFestivalthenewcoronavirusoutbreakinWuhanattractallofusattention,andtherisingnumberofinfectionsaffectstheheartsofhundredsofmillionsofpeople. Asaprofessionalmanufacturerofmedicalequi
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