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Unforgettable moments in CIPM in Chengdu

Unforgettable moments in CIPM in Chengdu

2021/11/05 10:58


On 2nd November, the 61th CIPM begin Western China International Expo City.

Although affected by the epidemic, the CIPM still attracted nearly 40,000 professional visitors, the exhibition goes on orderly, the atmosphere of the exhibition was enthusiastic. For the epidemic outbreak during the exhibition, the organizing committee do the efforts to make sure the CIPM held successfully.


Sujin Group Booth is 5-87, Sujing Group bringing together its subsidiaries including Engineering, Antai Airtech, testing Instruments, Atmosphere, Anfa, etc. Including all of the products on the exhibition.



Suzhou Antai Airtech Booth is 9-21, our booth is simple and bright, it’s attracting all of the eyes in the huge exhibition hall.


Our booth was lively, many visitors came to our booth one by one, our Biosafety Cabinet and Clean bench are amazed and praised by the visitor, they are consultation and negotiation with our colleagues.


For everyone to be our booth our staffs answer the questions with enthusiasm, we try to show customers sincere service and high-quality products, let them trust our intentions and trustworthiness.

Our workers show their professional and enthusiastic service to every visiting customer. With the efforts of our team, Suzhou Antai Airtech booth is hot, sometimes there are no seats in the litter meeting room. After on-site consultation and discussing, many customers know more about Suzhou Antai Airtech, and expressed their cooperation intentions in the future.


Alter the exhibition, Suzhou Antai Airtech has not forgotten the original aspirations, and will keep the enthusiasm, ahead on the road of future development.



Summarizing the past, looking forward to the new chapter, this exhibition brought Suzhou Antai Airtech not only the orders, but also the trust of our customers. The CIPM exhibition is connecting Suzhou Antai Airtech and our customers, We will insist on make good and serving with all our heart!



Our customers attention and expectation will make us progress. In the future, we will continue to offer high-quality products and services for all support and trust of our customer!