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Exhibition Review丨CMEF ended successfully!

Exhibition Review丨CMEF ended successfully!

2020/10/23 10:48


Yesterday afternoon, the four-day CMEF was successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center!



Let us review this exhibition together. Innovative technology, wisdom leads the future. On October 19th, the long-awaited, CMEF2020 finally grand opening! The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world into crisis, but it has also brought new opportunities and challenges. This event came just right. Affected by the epidemic, many overseas friends failed to arrive as scheduled, but this did not affect the atmosphere of the exhibition in the slightest. The scene was still crowded and lively.



The AIRTECH booth is located in Hall 8.1, B53. It still uses the previous design style, fresh and bright, and complements our products. At this medical expo, we focused on exhibiting several products related to the medical industry, especially related to the epidemic, such as workbenches and safety cabinets. On the booth site, the exhibits are arranged neatly and the business card samples are ready. The sales engineers are also in place. Everything is ready, waiting for you!



Hall 8 is not popular, but the aroma of wine is not afraid of deep alleys. Soon after the opening ceremony, people came to our booth and stopped to observe our products. The atmosphere was warm and orderly. The sales staff warmly received many customers, answered various questions carefully and patiently, delivered samples, and exchanged business cards with each other. Some customers are very interested in performance. For this reason, our engineers have performed performance demonstrations on various products, which relieved the doubts in the minds of customers and also received praise.



Due to the large number of visiting customers, most of the color page samples have been sent in a few days, and the business cards of some regional sales staff have also been sent out. The visiting customers included old customers and new customers, as well as those friends who had survived the epidemic and were in key areas for epidemic prevention and control. Because we did our best during the fight against the epidemic, but we didn't want to attract attention. Facing the current needs of new crown vaccine research and development, PCR laboratory transformation, and mobile PCR, we hope to get professional solutions from us. In the communication with these customers, we have not gained a little bit. Not only did we have a deep understanding of the development trend of the medical industry, and realized the shortcomings of our own strength, but also pointed out the direction of future efforts and development for us.



The unprecedented grand occasion of this exhibition, on the surface, the origin of the new crown epidemic, and then promoted by the relevant policies of the National Health Commission, is actually an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. The epidemic has made us sober, triggered our thinking, and also pushed us forward. It makes the concept of "smart medical care" more real, and it also brings us one step closer on the road to "healthy China". 2020 is a year of turbulent disasters, but please also believe that the future will still be exciting. For AIRTECH, as long as it adheres to the original intention and does not forget, you can reap the benefits if you go forward courageously and do not give up!