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To ensure food safety, AIRTECH is working hard!

To ensure food safety, AIRTECH is working hard!

2020/09/29 10:18


As a professional manufacturer of clean equipment, over the years, we have provided air purification solutions to well-known companies such as Yakult, Wall's, Wahaha, Glico, Orion, Oishi, Taoli Food, Lee Kum Kee and so on.


Fan Filter Unit
Essential products for building a clean workshop


Food safety is related to human health, so workshops in food factories are usually built into clean workshops. Because the clean and aseptic environment can effectively reduce the deterioration and mold of the produced food, extend the shelf life of the food, and improve the production efficiency. The clean workshop of a general food factory can be roughly divided into three areas: general operation area, quasi-clean area, and clean operation area, all of which need to meet the 100,000-level air purification standard.



Many food factories build clean workshops using the principle of FFU supplemental clean air plus indoor circulating air conditioners to achieve indoor air cleanliness requirements. The principle is to filter the indoor air through a part of the FFU, leaving the dust particles in the air on the FFU filter, and the clean air is input into the clean room to continuously filter the air in the clean room.


Air shower
Used for dust removal before entering the workshop



I have visited Yakult's workshop. Once we enter the factory, we change clothes, wear hats, and disinfect. Only in this way can we ensure the sanitary conditions of food. After everything is ready, our air shower room is in sight. This is the only way to enter the production workshop. All personnel must go through the air shower room before they can enter.


The air shower room is one of the most basic clean equipment that a food factory needs to be equipped with. It can remove the dust attached to the surface of the human body through the continuous blowing of clean wind. According to different purposes, it can be divided into two types: air shower for people and for cargo. The air shower for people requires the double door to have interlocking function. The blowing time can be set freely according to the needs. The double door must be closed during the blowing process and wait until the blowing It can be turned on after the time is over.


Clean bench
Used for activated culture of strains


The difference between Yakult's lactic acid bacteria drinks is that there is something called probiotics. Live probiotics have a better effect on regulating the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract after being ingested by the human body. Therefore, in order to ensure the activity of probiotics, the entire production, storage, and transportation must be carried out in a low temperature environment.


In order to wake up the probiotics, the dormant bacteria must first be taken out. The strains are extracted from nature and will be transported directly to the storage rooms of various workshops and stored in ultra-low temperature refrigerators. After the strains are taken out, they should be expanded and cultured in a clean workbench. Only the probiotics that have been activated and cultured can slowly restore their vitality.


Biological safety cabinet
For swine fever virus nucleic acid detection


For farmers, 35 procedures and 8 quarantine procedures are required to successfully put their pork on the market. Such as swine erysipelas, parasite inspection, clenbuterol, moisture and microbial inspections. The pork that has passed these eight inspection procedures will be stamped with a quarantine-qualified seal by the official quarantine personnel, and then placed in the cold storage for 12 to 24 hours of acid removal before entering the market.


The African swine fever epidemic last year caused heavy losses to many farmers and food companies. Because it is impossible to develop a vaccine that effectively prevents the virus in a short period of time, good biosafety protection of farms has become the key to epidemic prevention and control. AIRTECH's biological safety cabinets have successfully helped many food companies such as Jinluo, Shuanghui, and COFCO to improve their virus nucleic acid detection capabilities and greatly increase the detection rate.


Through the above description, we can basically understand the important application of clean equipment in the food industry. In fact, there are many such equipment, such as Pass Box, hand dryers and air outlets, etc., they will all play different roles in the production process.


Relying on the advantages of high quality and wide variety of AIRTECH, most food companies will give priority to using our clean equipment. We also hope to assist food companies in ensuring food safety through this complete set of air purification technology solutions.