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AIRTECH assists the development of the biomedical industry

AIRTECH assists the development of the biomedical industry

2020/08/27 10:58

The biomedical industry is an important part of the national economy and is closely related to people's vital interests such as health and quality of life. Recently, the development of my country's corona virus vaccine has been getting good news frequently, and it is progressing smoothly. The test results are good. I believe it will be successfully marketed soon.

Since the reform and opening up, China's pharmaceutical industry has maintained a relatively rapid growth rate, its scale has continued to expand, and the quality and efficiency of economic operations have continued to improve. After decades of development and operation, my country has now become the world's largest producer of pharmaceutical preparations.



As industry competition continues to intensify, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large-scale biopharmaceutical companies have become more frequent, and domestic outstanding biopharmaceutical manufacturers have paid more and more attention to research on the industry market. Therefore, a large number of excellent domestic biopharmaceutical brands have risen rapidly and have gradually become leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry!

The country has increased its support for biotechnology innovation and the development of the bio-industry, so that bio-medicine industry maintains a momentum of rapid development. China has developed biomedicine as a high-tech pillar industry and a key construction industry for economic development. In some economically developed or technologically advanced areas, a number of national-level biomedical industrial parks have been established.

China Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park was born with the high-tech zone. Although it started late, it has developed since the 1990s and has formed industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Rim and the Northeast. In addition, Henan and Hubei in the central region and Sichuan and Chongqing in the western region also show a good industrial foundation.



In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, biomedicine production companies have become the backbone of the fight against the epidemic. In particular, popular tracks such as diagnostic reagents, antiviral drugs, blood products, vaccines, medical equipment, and protective equipment have played a key role in the epidemic. At the same time, the development of the epidemic has also prompted all parties to re-examine the strategic value of the biomedical industry.

In the early stage of the fight against the epidemic, most of the biomedical companies that undertook the national emergency response to the epidemic came from pharmaceutical industry parks in various places. In response to the challenges of the epidemic, they have introduced relief measures, actively implemented the relevant policies and measures introduced during the epidemic prevention period, and further enriched the implementation details of the policy according to their own actual conditions.



In this battle without gunpowder, many biomedical companies have struggled from beginning to end and shouldered great social responsibilities. They accelerated the resumption of production, promoted research and development, and made outstanding contributions to the health and safety of all mankind. At the same time, after this epidemic, their own research and development and production capabilities have also been greatly improved.

In this war epidemic, the fields of traditional Chinese medicine, chemical medicine and medical equipment directly related to the epidemic have made new developments and have received the most direct stimulation. The whole society gives more dimensional attention and capital support to the medical and health service industry. After the epidemic, the biomedical industry will usher in a new investment boom and major development opportunities.

Biomedicine is the general term for the entire industry. From the perspective of the entire industry chain, we can divide it into three parts: medical equipment, commerce, and service. Pharmaceutical equipment can be understood as an upstream enterprise in the industry, mainly research and development and production. Commerce is the mobile link of medical supplies, which is divided into wholesale and retail pharmacies. Services are medical service organizations and outsourcing service organizations related to medical research and development.



AIRTECH has served in the field of biomedicine for decades and can provide a complete set of air purification solutions. Products include clean benches, biosafety cabinets, sampling booth, clean booth ,etc., covering a wide range of pharmaceutical companies and biological research institutes such as upstream Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, and biological medicine, to national hospitals of terminal medical service institutions, Disease control and third-party testing agencies are extremely extensive.

AIRTECH won the bid for the "Capacity Building Project of the Midwestern Drug Control Institute of the State Drug Administration" to provide it with clean equipment such as biosafety cabinets. And it has close cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Kelun, Double Crane, CSPC, Qilu, WuXi AppTec, and many biological companies such as Changchun Institute of Biology, Wuhan Institute of Biology, Hualan Biology, Tiantan Biology, etc. In addition, in Otsuka, Tetra, Pfizer and Sanofi also have AIRTECH products.



In this epidemic, third-party testing organizations like BGI have undertaken a lot of virus testing due to their complete laboratory equipment and strong testing capabilities. Therefore, AIRTECH has strengthened its cooperation with third-party testing agencies such as BGI, and provided them with large quantities of clean equipment to support the global anti-epidemic work.

With the country's policy guidance and strong support, the biomedical industry is bound to usher in another round of higher and faster development. For AIRTECH, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. Only by constantly improving itself, challenging oneself, and bravely innovating can we seize the opportunity and go all out to contribute to the development of the biomedical industry.