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Suzhou Antai Airtech - A pioneer fight against African Swine Fever!

Suzhou Antai Airtech - A pioneer fight against African Swine Fever!

2019/05/23 09:13
1. What is African Swine Fever?
African Swine Fever (ASF) is an acute, hemorrhagic and severe infectious disease caused by African swine fever virus (ASFV) infection of domestic pigs and various wild boars (such as African wild boar, European wild boar, etc.).
At the end of 2018, the ASFV was spread from Russia to China.
2. How does the African Swine Fever virus spread?
It is transmitted through body fluids and aphids, which carry viruses. The virus from sick pigs transmitted to healthy pigs through aphids. It is said that the swine fever can survive in the body of the aphids for 3 years.
3. How to prevent the African Swine Fever virus spread?
At present, no vaccine has been developed to effectively prevent African Swine Fever, but high temperature and disinfectant can effectively kill the virus. Therefore, the bio.safety Cabinet protection of plantfarm is the key to prevent and control African swine fever.
The biological safety cabinet is the most basic safety protection device in the first-level protective barrier of laboratory. It can prevent the diffusion of harmful aerosols and bio-aerosols, and provide safety protection for cross-contamination between operators, surrounding environment, experimental samples and samples.
4. What did Suzhou Antai Airtech do for the African Swine Fever virus?
The bio.safety cabinets developed by Suzhou Antai Airtech cover medical institutions across the country, including hospitals, blood stations, and disease control centers. We are play an important role in fighting SARS, bird flu and Ebola hemorrhagic fever.