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Suzhou Antai Airtech HIGH EDUCATION EXPO CHINA (Fuzhou) ended successfully!

Suzhou Antai Airtech HIGH EDUCATION EXPO CHINA (Fuzhou) ended successfully!

2019/05/28 11:12
On May 28th, the Spring High Education Expo China(Fuzhou) in 2019 ended at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center!
The theme of the Exhibition this year's is:" sing China's 70 Years of Brilliant Achievements, Promoting the Innovation and Development of Education Modernization". More than a thousand enterprises in the high education industry participated in the exhibition. Following the needs of the modernization of higher education and adapting to the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. There are five major exhibition areas, including laboratory, scientific research equipment, information technology and smart education. The largest number of booths, exhibitors, new technologies and products released from the establishment of the high-tech exhibition.
In this exhibition, Suzhou Antai Airtech take the latest advanced clean workbench, IoT intelligent Bio.safety cabinet, Clean Bench and other products to show. University chargers, teachers, dealers and agents engaged in educational equipment came to consult and negotiate. The exquisite appearance and high quality of Suzhou Antai Airtech products have also been recognized and praised by customers.
Thank you for all of our new and old customers trust and support for Suzhou Antai Airtech, let us meeting in Nanjing in the fall!