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Taihu Xishan Day Tour

Taihu Xishan Day Tour

2018/06/12 16:22

To celebrate Suzhou Antai Airtech established 24 years, to strengthen team building, enhance cohesion and enrich employees' spare time, On June 9th, the company organized all employees to participate in the “Taihu Xishan Day Tour” activity. On June 9th, our company organized all employees to participate in the “Taihu Xishan Day Tour ".

Xishan Mountain is also called Xishan Dongting Mountain, It’s the biggest island in Taihu Lake, and the essence of the Taihu Lake Scenic Area. It is known for its archipelago scenery, flower and fruit jungle, and ancient monuments since Wuyue epoch. The beautiful Taihu Lake, the fascinating Xishan Mountain, and the rich humanistic historical connotation of the island endows the endless charm of Xishan Mountain.



This time we visited three representative attractions in the Xishan Mountain Scenic Area: Shigong Mountain, Mingyue village and Linwu Cave.

The Shigong Mountain is the first of the eight scenic in Xishan. Its faces the lake, the rock is beautiful, the cypress is lush. There were two curiously shaped stones in Shigong Mountain. The one is Shigong and the other is Shipo. They stood shoulder by shoulder and looked at each other. It’s said that they missed the sister day&night in other side of TheTaihu Lake. That’s why we call it Shigong Mountain.

The Mingyue Village was named from the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2,500 years ago. It’s was famous after The Wu King Fuchai with the ancient Chinese beauty Xi Shi watch the moon. It was knew for the beautiful environment and rich historical& cultural heritage. Since ancient times it was longing for literati.

The Linwu Cave is a limestone cave. It is made up of the water of the Taihu Lake, about hundreds of meters deep. It is known as the “Ninth Cave of the World” for fascinating ecstasy. It is called “the stone in the world, and the roof is flat”. And the landscape is fantastic and rich color.



All of us are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathing in the air, occasionally stopping to stay and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the island. Discovering the beautiful scenery and taking picture to participate in photography competition. Colleagues also take a group photo with others to keep a permanent memory. After visit scenic, everyone with great interest tasted and purchased the local products. It’s wonderful time.

Through group travel, strengthened team cooperation and friendship, enhanced corporate culture. I believe that in the future work, all of our colleague will devote themselves to their jobs with more enthusiasm, and contribute their strength to the company's development.