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Airtech Product Promotion and Training conference --Qingdao

Airtech Product Promotion and Training conference --Qingdao

2018/08/10 09:33


Red tiling, green trees, blue sea and clear sky, 7th August 2218, “2218 Suzhou Antai Airtech  Product Promotion and Training conference” opened in the beautiful coastal city Qingdao, Shandong province.



Most of distributor from Jinan, Qingdao and other places attend the meeting. Not only old friends that we had cooperated many years, they gave support to the development of Suzhou Antai Airtech in Shandong market; But also some new friends who plans to cooperation, that will inject fresh vitality expanded and improved the market. Old and new friends shared their ideas and friendship, made suggestions for a good construction and sustainable marketing system for Suzhou Antai Airtech, providing support for difference industries and fields.

As a professional manufacturer of air purification equipment, Suzhou Antai Airtech responsibility is providing customers first-class air purification products and services, recommend and introduce new technologies and products to customers timely.



The meeting began with a speech by the General Manager Assistant Mrs. Lu Donfang of Suzhou Antai Airtech. She expressed best gratitude to all customers who come to this conference and introduce past 50 years development history of Suzhou Antai Airtech. Relying on the history and advantages technological of Sujing Group, we are continuously digestion and absorption Advanced technology from Japan and other world leading company, keeping our product quality with international brands. She gave a comprehensive introduction from enterprise spirit, product development, marketing network, market distribution, product series, company qualification, honor, and social responsibility of Suzhou Antai Airtech. Be enhanced confidence of our distributor cooperation with Suzhou Antai Airtech, Better develop and serve the Shandong market together.



Whereafter, Shandong Regional Sales Manager Mr. Liang Zhongfeng introduced the market conditions and technical of our products such as Clean Bench, Biological Safety Cabinet and Medical Air Isolation Booth (laminar flow bed) to our distributor. Meanwhile, He explained how to select and recommend the equipment in different fields and introduce new products and technologies to our customers.



At the end of the conference, the participants were enthusiastic asking questions and communicating the problem and confusions encountered in the business in the interactive communication session. During the discussion, Mr. Liang shared his market development experience and technical problem classification analysis with everybody.



Times flies, The Promotion and Training conference at Qingdao Station end in a warm atmosphere. Everyone said after this close communication, they have deeper understanding of products and applications, enhanced their confidence cooperation with Suzhou Antai Airtech, it’s also provided strong support for future market development and maintenance.

Finally, Suzhou Antai Airtech sincerely thanks all our new and old customers for their strong support and trust! Suzhou Antai Airtech willing to establish multi-dimensional cooperation with more distributor and customers together!