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25th Anniversary " Four Days Sanya Tour"

25th Anniversary " Four Days Sanya Tour"

2019/02/27 14:46


In order to activating the life of employees, enjoying the body and mind, cultivating the sentiment, improving the corporate culture and building team of Suzhou Antai Airtech, During celebrating Suzhou Antai Airtech establishment 25 years,on February 21th to 24th, our company organized all employees to travel tour to Sanya, Hainan.



During the Sanya trip, We are went to Wuzhizhou Island, Nanshan Buddhist Wenhuayuan, Yanoda Rainforest, Tianya Haijiao scenic spot, Experiencing seaside life, witnessing the sky, enjoying a comfortable leisure life. The beauty Sanya scenery Like the blue waves, the deep forest clouds, the coconut trees, and the stand strange stones, are make a good impression in our mind, making all of us forget to return.



Through Sanya trip, all of employees not only experienced the beautiful scenery of Sanya Hainan, enjoyed the joy and relaxation of tourism, and also felt the warm care of our company. This tourism activity is conducive to the health and interest of all employees. Meantime it also enhances the cohesiveness of the team, strengthens the communication between different departments, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees, and has news spiritual to create more brilliant future!