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Annual Meeting Review 2019 Don’t forgetting your initial intention and keep moving on

Annual Meeting Review 2019 Don’t forgetting your initial intention and keep moving on

2019/01/30 08:50


January 25th, 2019

Suzhou Antai Airtech 2018 year-end summary commendation and welcoming new spring meeting was held.

New Year, New Journey.

We will work hand in hand to create brilliance.


Leader`s oration

General Manager Mr. Jin Zhen pointed out in the summary report: The achievements made in 2018 are the result of all employees. It is precisely for everyone's efforts that we can lay a solid foundation for the development of Suzhou Antai Airtech in 2019. Mr. Jin Zhen On behalf of the company thanked everyone for their hard work in the last year. At the same time, Mr. Jin Zhen also pointed out that we still have many shortcomings, and we must further improve in the new year. 2019 is hopeful year for Suzhou Antai Airtech to open a new 25th anniversary, All of us, especially the leader in different department, must work together, stand together regardless of situation, Keep pace with times and engage in Exploitation and Innovation, work hard together and achieving more brilliant achievements in 2019.



Praise outstanding

Ms. Lu Dongfang(vice president) On behalf of the company, commended the outstanding employees in various positions in 2018.All of them are love their jobs and work hard, to be sample for all of us, and contribute to the steady development of the company. Ms. Lu called for all employees to follow the example. Working with Suzhou Antai Airtech writing a wonderful life and also contributed our strength to Suzhou Antai Airtech for 50 years.



And then, the Praise outstanding Colleague making a speech, form them we learn that we grow with the company, be proactive, and do their best to build the company's construction in their own positions.

Next, Chairman Ms. Yang gave awards to: sales champions, outstanding employees, performance awards, quality awards, civilized awards and newcomer awards. The marketing department once again won the 2018 advanced prize.



Welcome New Year dinner

In the evening dinner, all the staff raised their wineglasses and celebrated together, wishing Suzhou Antai Airtech will be better and better.



Year-end Lucky draw

Afterwards, the New Year's luck draw was held. In the warm atmosphere, the prizes that everyone looked forward to were drawn. The cheers pushed the party to a high point.

The annual meeting is coming to a successful ending in a harmonious, passionate and joyful time.



Say goodbye to 2018!

Say Hello to 2019!

We will be together with Suzhou Antai Airtech and Pursuing higher achievements in 2019.