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SAT Beijing-Tianjin Promotion &Training Activities Succeed

SAT Beijing-Tianjin Promotion &Training Activities Succeed

2018/09/07 13:53
During the beautiful autumn of September, the “2018 Suzhou Antai Airtech Beijing-Tianjin Regional Product Promotion and Training Activity” ended successfully in Beijing.
More than 30 distributors from Beijing and Tianjin region attended the event. Suzhou Antai Airtech Assistant General Manager Mrs. Lu Dongfang chairs the meeting; Represent the company she expressed hers gratitude to the distributors for their long-term support and help during the cooperation; In the future, we still hope to develop together with all partners and achieve win-win cooperation! At the same time, she introduced Suzhou Antai Airtech past 50 years development history and general situation, showing all aspects strength of our company's. With her wonderful sharing, our partners enhanced their confidence agent Suzhou Antai Airtech brand products and expanding the market in Beijing and Tianjin Regional in the future.
Subsequently, Suzhou Antai Airtech Institute Director Mr. Chen Xudong explained the standards of biosafety and new biosafety cabinets. The professional and wonderful introductions received enthusiastic responses from our agent. During the coffee break, the distributor gathered around Discuss technical issues with Mr. Chen.
Then, Suzhou Antai Airtech Beijing-Tianjin area sales manager Mr. Qian Haijiang, gave a general introduction to the technical features of the clean workbench, medical air isolation device (laminar flow bed) and other products. Meantime, he shared and exchanged experiences to select and recommend the equipment for different field customers, and introduced the new technologies of our products in detail.
During the end of interactive communication section, participants exchanged questions on the problems encountered during the sales process. Director Chen gave questions and answers. One of distributor said that although there are many kinds of promotion activities in Beijing regional, this form of technical personnel can participate in face-to-face discussions on technical issues, better and more popular.
In the future, Suzhou Antai Airtech will plan product promotion activities in other regions, giving more support and cooperation to our partners and better serve the market!