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Changsha Higher Education Expo ended successfully!

Changsha Higher Education Expo ended successfully!

2020/11/11 16:16



On November 10, the three-day 55th China Higher Education Expo was successfully concluded at Changsha International Exhibition Center!

Educational informatization is the trend of contemporary world education development, a breakthrough in education and teaching reform, and an inevitable requirement of education modernization. With the theme of "Serving the New Development Pattern and Starting a New Journey in Higher Education", the exhibition area has been improved and the image of the exhibition has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade, providing our participating companies with a better on-site experience.



With the introduction of a series of national policies and the support of market demand, the rapid development of the informatization & smart education exhibition area has been accelerated. The number of exhibitors this year has increased greatly compared with previous years. University leaders, frontline teachers and managers from all over the country, as well as distributors and agents engaged in educational equipment channels gathered here, and the registration office at the entrance of the exhibition was crowded.

As a recommended company for the Higher Education Expo, AIRTECH exhibited our two core products, clean benches and biological safety cabinets. These are also the two most used clean equipment in the field of scientific research, culture and education. They are usually placed in college experiments. The laboratory does some high-end scientific research. In recent years, our products have made some contributions to the transformation of scientific research results in universities.



At this year’s Exhibition, we showed our latest products to customers and friends in the field of scientific research universities, strengthened learning and communication, promoted further cooperation intentions, and humbly accepted useful suggestions from different customers. At the same time, we expressed our wish to go hand in hand to start a new journey of higher education and better serve the new pattern of development.