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Suzhou Antai Airtech 2019 Shanghai CMEF Successfully Closed

Suzhou Antai Airtech 2019 Shanghai CMEF Successfully Closed

2019/05/22 16:35
From May14th ~ 17th, the 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF) ended successfully in Shanghai! With the theme of “Intelligent Reconstruction of the Future”, the exhibition area of 220,000 m2, bringing more than 4,300 brand companies, 22 national pavilions, 30 domestic pavilions and 61 academic feasts from 36 countries and regions.
This year's Exhibition has gathered the world's top brands and leading companies all over the world. The exhibitor cover the entire industrial chain of industrial devices and the derivative industry chain. In order to better focus on products, services and technology, the pavilion was clearly divided into different clusters. Suzhou Antai Airtech was located at the M13 booth Hall 7.1.
The exhibition as hot as ever, many new and old customer inside come to visit. In addition, some of overseas customers such as Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan, and Malaysia have come to show their interest in Suzhou Antai Airtech Safety Cabinet products. Suzhou Antai Airtech products have exquisite design, solid quality workmanship, and leading performance technology is highly recognized by all of our customers.
Suzhou Antai Airtech harvested the beauty and excitement, and we also felt the responsibility and pressure. In the medical industry, we are thriving and flourishing. Suzhou Antai Airtech  still keeps the heart, constantly strives innovation and technology, bring more quality resources and value to all our customer!
Thank you for your support and trust in Suzhou Antai Airtech, see you in the fall show in Qing dao!