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2018 Fall China Education Expo –Chendu

2018 Fall China Education Expo –Chendu

2018/10/22 13:56
October 19th, 2018, The 52nd China Higher Education Expo Hold at nature's storehouse and famous historic and cultural city – Chengdu.
This Expo after the Nationwide Educational Competition, As the theme ”Centennial Reform and Opening 40th Anniversary, Educational Imperial Country of Building Elevation”. Meanwhile, for help Western higher education develop, promotion propaganda fusion, school agreement, construction height etc. education power country significance serious significance.
The Expo having near 1,000 Higher education Industrial enterprise participation, 60 thousand square meters Exhibition area, 2400 individual booths, nearly 20 thousand people attend. During the Expo, the Higher Education Educational summit meeting, Intelligent manufacturing Industrial Merit Fellowship Cultivation, High School Teacher Education Innovation meeting, 5th Anniversary Work Award, "Ten thousand people" Teaching and educating people advance troupe and other activities, and with 40 Conference forums, 300 high highly qualified specialist report. Attracting a lot of investors and friends, it’s a feast of High Education conference.
Suzhou Antai Airtech keep our step with High Education Expo many years, In the future, Suzhou Antai Airtech proud to support the High Education active role.  We will on Higher distant status, refined precious products, refreshing duties, booming buildings for our Educational powerful nation.
And see you May 2019 in Fuzhou.