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Each product made by Sujing Antai has undergone strict and comprehensive inspection in accordance with the relevant standards before leaving the factory.
The testing personnel of Sujing Antai have received professional trainings given by AIRTECH and obtained relevant qualifications. They are responsible for carrying out ex-factory supervision and testing for all products.
The testing items include:
Microbiological test (microbiological testing laboratories certified by the relevant organization in Japan)
ž Cabinet airtight test
ž The tests of inhalation airflow velocity, decreased airflow velocity and airflow uniformity (air speed and volume testing system)
ž Test of smoke tracing of airflow patterns (ultrasonic atomizer, fog generator)
ž HEPA/ULPA filter leakage detection (aerosol experiments, U.S. imported 0.1 μm large-flow particle test system)
ž Noise detection (noise-damped environment and specialized instruments)
ž Light intensity test
ž Fan performance test (digital photo-electromotive balance detection system)
ž Vibration detection (vibration detector)
ž Electrical safety test (in line with the electrical safety standards for active medical equipment)
Testing Scene: