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        • Name: Filter Unit(Integral Slim Type )
        • Model: GKB-100/GKB-150/GKB-400
        • Summary: Series GKB integral slim type filter unit is a high efficient filter unit in the clean room.

        Series GKB integral slim type air filter unit without fan is a high efficient filter  unit in the clean room. It can be set on the top of the clean room that simplifiese the installation and prevent it from leakage. It is widely used in all kinds of newly build or rebuild clean room with cleanliness is not more than ISO5(Class 100).

        1. It is set on the T-tail keel makes it easy to install.

        2. Compact and flexible structural design ensure that the air supply area can be  adjustable by the change of process.

        3. The composite construction of HEPA filter and static pressure box ensures the reliable structure without leakae.

        4. Low resistance and pressure loss relief the burden of air supply fan,save energy and protect environment.

        5. Cost-effective design saves time and energy.


        Model GKB-100 GKB-200




        Air Volume(m3/h) 1000 1500




        Overall Dim.(W*L*H)(mm) 570*570*195 1170*570*195




        Flange Size(mm) φ245 φ245




        Initial Resistance(Pa) ≤220 ≤220




        HEPA Efficiency ≥99.99%(@≥0.3um) ≥99.99%(@≥0.3um)





        1. Customized upon requiest


        2. Insulation can be added on the outer surface.


        3. PAO test port is optional.


        download attachments : Filter Unit(GKB) 【查看】

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