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Vehicle-mounted negative pressure purification device



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Vehicle-mounted negative pressure purification device



ANC-II (intelligent type) vehicle-mounted negative pressure purification device is a special purification device for negative pressure ambulances, which can ensure that ambulances minimize the risk of cross-infection between medical staff and patients during transfers and in-vehicle treatment of infectious patients. At the same time, the air in the vehicle can be exhausted after being harmlessly treated, which effectively avoids the pollution of the external environment and the harm of external personnel, and isolates the source of infectious diseases from spreading outward.


1. It has a unique method for controlling harmful aerosols. 
2. The air inside the car is filtered by HEPA filter, and the clean and harmless air is exhausted out of the car. Built-in UV lamp on the air inlet surface can sterilize the filter.
3. Equipped with internal and external pressure difference monitoring and alarm functions, The pressure difference monitoring alarm function on both sides of the HEPA filter guarantees the effectiveness of the product at all times.
4. Touch screen display and PLC intelligent control system are used to display the main performance parameters in real time and monitor and process various alarm signals.
5. According to the negative pressure in the car, the air supply volume of the fan has an automatic adjustment function to always ensure that the negative pressure in the car is within the set range, thereby effectively protecting the safety of medical staff.



Overall Dim.(W*D*H)(mm)


Filtration Efficiency

≥99.99% @0.3μm

Air Volume(m³/h)


Power Supply


Rated Power(W)


Cabinet Materials

High grade steel and lacquered in ivory
Air-inlet plate and electronic box is SUS304


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