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Keywords:Clean Bench, Biosafety Cabinet, Air Shower, Pass Box



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Biosafety Cabinet(BSC-Ⅲ)


Control Panel

◆ Colorful LCD screen, soft key button.

Show negative-pressure of working area in real-time with alarm function.

Show HEPA filter life in real-time with warning & alarm function.

◆ Show Fan state in real-time with alarm function.

◆ with timer function.


Humanized Design

◆ 10° sloped front, nice shape, relieving the sense of repression.

◆ Fully closed stronger safety front window, equip with isolated glove for safety operation, having a widely vison.

High-grade stainless steel unibody workspace structure, easy clean and sterilization.

Pass box equip with sterilization function, ensure safety transmit.

Light and UV light can be delay and make appointment.


Safe and Reliable

◆ Negative-pressure in workspace, air exhaust 100% through two-stage HEPA filter, ensuring safety of operator and environment

◆ Air supply through two-stage filtration, come into being vertical clean air flow.

Main working area protected by negative pressure airflow system and air curtain, controlling the diffusion of lab pollution effectively.

◆ Air exhaust is controlled by two-stage fan which are interlocked, this make air exhaust stable and reliable.

Light and UV light are interlocked.

◆ Different pressure gauge, show pressure in real-time and with alarm function.







 Nominal Size


1.3meter(4') 1.6meter(5') 1.8meter(6')

Filtration Efficiency

HEPA: ≥99.995% (@0.3μm) / ULPA: ≥99.9995% (@0.12μm)

Negative Pressure

≥120 Pa

Processing Flow ≥0.05 m3/s
≤65 dB(A)
Power Supply AC220~240V,1φ,50Hz

Max Consumtion

(with Spare Socket)

2.1 kVA 2.3 kVA 2.5 kVA 2.5 kVA

Rated Power

(with spare socket)

1.0 kVA

1.2 kVA

1.4 kVA

1.4 kVA


350 kg

420 kg

490 kg

540 kg


 Work Dimension



1000*600*690 mm


1300*600*690 mm


1600*600*690 mm


1800*600*690 mm



Overall Dimension



1470*790*2100 mm


1770*790*2100 mm


2070*790*2100 mm


2270*790*2100 mm


Qty. of Gloves 

2 pcs

2 pcs

3 pcs

4 pcs

Size&Qty. of Light LED 24.5 w x ① LED 31 w x ① LED 36 w x ① LED 36 w x ①
Size&Qty. of UV Light 18 w x ①; 8 w x ① 30 w x ①; 8 w x ① 36 w x ①; 8 w x ① 36 w x ①; 8 w x ①
Illumination (Lx) ≥650 Lx

Cabinet Materials

High-grade steel and lacquered in ivory

Working Area Materials SS304 fully finished
Air Direction Top out
Plug Style Chinese Type(AC 250V/10A)
Qty. of Spare Socket Chinese Type(AC 250V/3A) 2 units


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