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JTH leakage resistance type clean air supply ceiling is a new generation product with two unique technology of ‘clean air supply ceiling in

operating room' and ‘zero pressure seal’. This product can keep the air airflow more logical so as to ensure the cleanliness in the

room, thus is widely used in operating room, ward and clean air animal house etc.

Comparing with Clean Air Supply Ceiling:

Comparing Items

Traditional Clean Air Supply Ceiling

Leakage Resistance Type Clean Air Supply Ceiling

Protection of room cleanliness

If HEPA filter is leakage, thus the workplace indoor will be effected by it

Can reduce the impact of leakage of HEPA Filter to 1/475 of original

Protection of airflow in the main airflow area

It is difficult to ensure the airflow uniformity below the Clean Air Supply Ceiling. Can not meet the requirements of the national standard. Weak anti environmental interference.

The airflow uniformity below the Clean Air Supply Ceiling is good, can meet the requirements of the national standard completely, Strong anti environmental interference

Air outlet area

The air-blow surface using multi block diffusers and its assembly installation  requirement is strict, airflow coverage rate ≤70%

There are only four leakage resistance layer combination ,easy to install, airflow coverage rate ≥90%

The height of the product

Product thickness is high. If height of construction is low. It  can not be installed

Product thickness is just 350mm, it’s possible to reduce the thickness in special case, can be installed in more place

The convenience of product maintenance work

Operator must enter into operating room when exchange HEPA filter. It is not good for the aseptic management of clean operating room.

·         Operator can exchange HEPA Filter outside of the operating room, the protected environment won’t be polluted , convenient and quick to do maintenance.

The assurance of equipment installation quality

Assembling at user’s site, traditional assembly, not good for the quality guarantee of product.

Made in factory, just simple assembly at user’s site with special connection piece. It is good for the guarantee of  product’s quality.


The air outlet surface is made up with many diffusers.

Fixed screw is outside, it is not good looking.

There are only four leakage resistance layer combination, connecting piece hidden well, feel diffuser smoothly and good looking






Filtration Efficiency


Air Velocity

0.45 m/s

0.3 m/s

0.23 m/s


Air Diffuser Dim.


       2600x2400 mm


 2600x1800 mm


2600x1400 mm



Overall Dim.

( LxWxH )


2680x2480x350 mm


2680x1880x350 mm


2680x1480x350 mm



Leakage Resistance Case Flange


1000x200 mmx ④


500x200 mmx ④


320x200 mmx ④



HEPA Filter Case

( LxWxH )


1270x670x610 mmx②


1270x670x610 mmx①


670x670x610 mmx①



HEPA Filter


610x610x295 mmx④


610x610x295 mmx②


610x610x295 mmx①



HEPA Filter Case Flange


800X500 mm


800X500 mm


500X400 mm



Class I special clean operating room

Class II standard clean operating room

Class III general clean operating


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