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ACV Clean Viewer


This equipment is a clean air detection device with our own high efficiency air filtration system, manufactured according to latest version of GMP standard. It’s widely used in biological pharmacy, medical, health care and other industries. It can directly detect the airflow pattern in isolation devices, biological safety cabinet, high-grade clean booth and clean booth and clean room. No additional interference and secondary pollution on the inspected equipment and area.

◆ Clear visual airflow

1.   Adopt efficient smoke generator to ensure the equipment produced airflow is visual and clear.

2.   The efficiency of its own filtration system is 99.99% or higher for 0.3 microns in size dust and bacteria filtration, this can ensure the

equipment supplies sterile air, so will not produce additional interference and secondary pollution on the inspected equipment and area.

◆ Safe and reliable security facilities

1. Design is strictly in accordance with the international advanced electrical safety standard

2. Multiple security protection and waterproof system, effectively ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

3. Overturn-preventing and water protection system, effectively ensure the reliable operation of equipment.

◆ Humanized design, light and portable.

◆ The product has standard smoke generating and large amount smoke generating two types of specifications,

respectively used for clean equipment and clean room.




Power Supply

AC220V, 1Φ, 50Hz

Rated Power

50 w

200 w


Overall Dimension



390×200×290 mm


410×210×290 mm


Max. Reserve water

0.84 L

1.2 L

Air Volume

0~10 L/min (adjustable)

0~10 L/min (adjustable)
Filter Efficiency ≥99.97% (@≥0.3μm) ≥99.97% (@≥0.3μm)
Continuous Running time 120 mins 40 mins
Weight 11 kg 13 kg



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