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Glove Integrity Tester



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Glove Integrity Tester


Glove integrity tester is used to detect even tiny leak on the glove via the testing port, and according to Air Pressure decay leak testing

principle. It’s easy for manufacture and user to verify the integrity of gloves.

◆  Japanese technology: Confirm to international standard ISO14644-7.

◆  Diversified testing mode: Can be on-line testing (Need to match a glove fixing ring)

◆  Modularized function: can test more than one glove at the same time.

◆  High test pressure: maximum pressure to 5000 pa, tiny leak can be detected.

◆  Intelligent control interface, with the function of data Storage.

◆  Three test modes: quick test, normal test, precision test.

◆ This equipment meets the requirements of USA gloves-box gloves factory inspection standard.




Power Supply

AC220V, 1Φ, 50Hz

Rated Power

100 w

Max. Testing Pressure

5000 Pa

Working Environment

Normal air conditioning clean room( Don't test in the environment of rapid changes in temperature)

Overall Dim. (WxDxH)

500×400×1100 mm (19.7''x15.7''x43.3'')

Weight ~35 kg

Sealing device or Glove fixing ring( Both Optional)

Note: Increase the number of sealing device or Glove fixing ring according to the number of tested gloves


Quick Test

Get glove intergrity result in a short time

Normal Test

Test after glove internal pressure is stable, will get accurate result.

Precision Test

When unalbe to get result under Normal test, Mat use Precision test, with long time test, the results will be more accurate.


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