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VHP Sterilization Pass Box



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VHP Sterilization Pass Box


VHP Sterilization Pass Boxes a combinational pass box with two functions, clean air supply system and VHP sterilization system. It is

mainly applied in pharmacy field and can be set between clean room and aseptic clean room for the transportation of the materials or


By utilizing of the ability of VHP can kill spores effectively at normal temperature, achieving the purpose of surface sterilization of the

transferred material. Under the protection of clean air flow, double door interlock function, it can prevent secondary cross

pollution effectively and prevent microorganisms being carried into aseptic cleanroom to realize the safety transition.

◆ Using VHP as biological detergent can kill fungus germ, bacteria and virus effectively. VHP is a decontamination technology at state

of low temperature and atmospheric pressure. It is widely usage, environment protection and high efficiency.VHP sterilization method is

also recorded in USA and China pharmacopoeia.

◆ Using PLC to control the operation of all stages of the equipment automatically, matching with humanization touch screen control

panel, the operation procedure is clear and definite, the work system is stable and reliable.

◆ At the stage of biological decontamination and exhausting, the air into the cabinets filtered through the H14HEPA filter to prevent

material from secondary pollution.

◆ In and out of materials are double door structures, with pneumatic seal, pneumatic lock and door interlock function at working

condition, it is sealing reliable.

◆ The system has the function of monitoring of temperature, humidity and pressure in the cabin. The port of testing

VHP concentration, dust particle and plank tonic bacteria is optional.

◆ It can sterilize rapidly and effectively. Equipment running cost is low and easy to verify.

◆ Alarm function: high and low pressure alarm; door timeout alarm; lock the door alarm.




Power Supply

AC220V, 1Φ, 50Hz



HEPA Filter


Biological Decontamination Cycle Time

<120min (Note: According to material bio-burden level and mode to verify)

Biological Decontamination Efficacy

lg6(Bacillus stear other mophilus,ATCC12980 or 7953)

VHPS Residue Level <1ppm
Cleanliness Class B
Sterilant 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Solution


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