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Fan Filter Unit


Fan Filter Unit (hereafter called FFU) is air clean equipment with fan built-in, which is usually put on the modular T-Grid. It has extensive

application in electronics and biological industries that require air clean environment.

1.It adopts AT fan with low noise and high efficiency which AIRTECH JAPAN especially designed for FFU. It has the feature of

energy-saving with low carbon, no maintenance, high reliability and long life.

2.Optimized capacity and distributaries guided whirl tube reduce the overall height and enhance the uniformity of air blow-out.

3.Large suitable interval of air velocity and volume (see the operating curve) can satisfy the requirements of different types of clean

environment. It is also suitable for use where high air velocity is required for Class A area of biology and pharmacy.

4.It adopts low resistivity filter that can provide 75-120Pa excess pressure outside the product under rated airflow, which meets the

need of high resistivity of return air in the clean room.

5.Multi-optional and flexible layout :

◆ Filter:  
Standard configuration: HEPA (H13、H14)  Optional: ULPA (U15、U16)
◆ Fan:   
Standard configuration: AT Fan DCBL motor Standard configuration: AT Fan AC motor
◆ Material of case:   
Standard configuration: Al-Zn coated steel sheet  Optional: SUS304 or SUS430
◆ Optional configuration: pre-filter, fault alarm, single stand outlet (with plug)
◆ Control mode of FFU is optional:
1. DCBL motor:
Single control: 
Standard configuration: speed controller Optional: three/five speed controller or variable speed controller
Group control:   
Cloud technology computer monitoring and control system The master-slave control system
2. AC motor:   
Single control:   
Standard configuration: terminal block or speed controller  Optional: three/five speed controller
Group control:   
Cluster computer monitoring and control system The master-slave control system


Operating Curve







Size of the case



1175X575X215 mm


1175X875X215 mm


1175X1175X290 mm 



Size of HEPA Filter


1170X570X69 mm


1170X870X69 mm


1170X1170X80 mm


Air Velocity    0.35~0.45 m/s  
Rated Power of DCBL 50~85 w 55~89 w 76~120 w
Rated Power of AC ≤100 w ≤130 w ≤200 w


48 dB(A)

54 dB(A)

56 dB(A)

Material of Case

Al-Zn Coated Steel Sheet/SUS304/SUS430

Power Supply

AC220V, 1φ, 50Hz

Excess Pressure Outside the Product

50~120 Pa

Blower Type




Filter Grade


Optional Filter Garde


Lose of Pressure of Filter

 88~120 Pa


Non-flammable galss fiber  

Frame of Filter

Anodization of aluminum alloy

Filter Screen

Double side 

Speed Control

Three/Five Speed Controller/Variable Speed Controller

Complete Weight

29 kg

43 kg

50 kg


Pre. Filter


EBM Fan can be choose


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