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Fighting Guangzhou/ Help Guangzhou Mobile PCR shelter nucleic acid detection

Fighting Guangzhou/ Help Guangzhou Mobile PCR shelter nucleic acid detection

2021/06/08 16:26


At the begin June, the severe epidemic situation in Guangzhou Attracted ours attention. Increase infections number attracting our eyes. Academician Zhong Nanshan expressed to increase nucleic acid testing and screening efforts and to cut off the chain of transmission as soon as possible.



On 1st June, Guangdong's first "Falcon" air film shelter laboratory put into use. This is the first time a shelter laboratory has been put into use in Guangdong since the outbreak of the COVID-19# in 2020.On 3rd June, other three sets "Falcon" air film shelter laboratory put into use. Totally 4 sets of "Falcon" air-film shelter laboratories daily nucleic acid detection capacity can exceed 120,000 tubes.



Meanwhile, Local laboratory equipment distributor also completed multiple sets of TMOON mobile PCR shelter laboratories and flash test shelter laboratories in a few days. The shelter is used with Suzhou Antai Airtech Biosafety cabinet, it has been used for the first-line anti-epidemic in Guangzhou and Foshan districts to conduct nucleic acid testing.



In addition, BGI Gene as a pioneer in the fight against the epidemic, In a short time, two Huoyan laboratories have been built to support the fight against the epidemic in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. It’s Report that the "Huoyan" laboratory in Guangzhou has a daily nucleic acid detection volume of up to 150,000 tubes, It is the highest daily detection the monomer laboratory in China, Suzhou Antai Airtech Biosafety Cabinet also used in the laboratory.



For this epidemic, academician Zhong will work together with us, study the new features of this epidemic, analysis and research the spreading way of mutant virus strains. Suzhou Antai Airtech is ready to step up production once we could do any support. The fight against the epidemic is everyone’s responsibility. Let us work together and win the tough battle in Guangdong’s epidemic prevention and control.