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Fighting Nanjing/ We always fight against the "epidemic"

Fighting Nanjing/ We always fight against the "epidemic"

2021/07/30 16:16


The bad news one by one,
All make us feel distressed and sad,
Face the disasters,
The human beings are insignificant.



But cured,
By Scenes of moving moments are constantly being staged,
Disaster is ruthless, love in the world,
For the rainstorm and floods in Henan,
We hand on hand, fight the flood together,
There is nothing we can't get through!



For the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Nanjing,
Support local make nucleic acid testing,
With Suzhou Antai Airtech Biosafety Cabinet
Nanjing "Huoyan" laboratory was built quickly,
 Play an important role.



Because of the impact of the epidemic,
Confirmed epidemic occurred in Yangzhou,
For the testing needs of Yangzhou disease control,
We are quickly allocate goods
Urgently send out the goods overnight.



For the epidemic situation,
We fight the epidemic together,
The current situation of the epidemic is severe,
We will continue to care about the trend of the epidemic,
Prepare sufficient Biosafety Cabinet in stock,
Win the battle against the epidemic at last.