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Exhibition Report/ Suzhou Antai Airtech Shanghai CMEF ended successfully!

Exhibition Report/ Suzhou Antai Airtech Shanghai CMEF ended successfully!

2021/05/17 11:37


On 16th May, 4days 84th CMEF end successfully in Shanghai. This exhibition theme is “Innovating science and technology to lead the future”, Active implemented the national 14th five year plan, comprehensively promoted the construction of healthy China, the exhibition Hall fully upgraded, more than 5000 exhibitor, exceed 70 Conference Forum, over 500 expert, the scene was full of people and wonderful , shows a celebration of global medical professionals.



A lot of people visit the exhibition, before 9 O’clock the exhibition hall entrance people are wait in line, some other medical instruments like YUWELL and MINDRAY are on the exhibition, the booth are still hot. On this exhibition, there are two different: one is the E-commerce giant entering the Medical field; another is on this exhibition, some medical equipment like Respiratory tract joint inspection products, sequencer and chemiluminescence equipment, Mobile medical waste treatment shelter, also some Animal detection equipment and reagent, are popular on the this exhibition.



We feel novel and emotional for this change, the epidemic bring big harmful to human being, but it’s also drive the development of the medical equipments industry, and help Healthy China’s development .On this exhibition, we are show our new clean equipment and technology, at the same time we are learn lots from the changed medical equipment industry. Our new PIVAS Biosafety Cabinet, computers instead of human operation improving efficiency catch visitor attention. This is just the begin of wise healthcare, to arriving the true wise healthcare it have a long way, we must keep going.



Thanks for you always trust and support , we are holding the original intention and integrity, pursuit excellence, making products with our heart, Live up your expectations .

The 85th CMEF will be hold in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, hope see you again!