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Exhibition Report/ Suzhou Antai Airtech CIPM ended successfully!

Exhibition Report/ Suzhou Antai Airtech CIPM ended successfully!

2021/05/13 11:29


On 12th May, the 3days 60th CIPM raw a conclusion fully and successfully in QINGDAO COSMOPOLITAN EXPOSITION (CREC). 1400 exhibitors and 6000 visitor in this CIPM once again Let us witness the pivotal position of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry in the global industrial chain



On the CIPM, Suzhou Antai Airtech always presents the leading bio-pharmacy equipments solution for our user. The Cytotoxic Biosafety Cabinet dedicated to the treatment of cytotoxic/anti-tumor drugs and the M-VS Clean Bench imported first time show on the exhibition, for its advanced technology and unique performance, attracting the close attention from the customers. Large number of customer interested in this 2 type module, inquiring and discussing with our worker, the atmosphere was warm.



Meanwhile, we are participated in forums and technical exchange meetings organized by the organizing committee and professional institutions, many industry leaders focus on hot topics, Interpretation of new policies and regulations, talk about development trends, Discuss the challenges and opportunities of the industry. Learn from the meeting, we have a new understanding of the development of the bio-pharmacy industry, It’s points the direction of Suzhou Antai Airtech better serve customers in the bio-pharmacy industry.



Thirty years with rains and hardships, sixty years with fruits and success, the success of the CIPM Opportunity is inseparable from the support, exhibitors and visitors, Suzhou Antai Airtech willing to continue to stand on the platform of CIPM, show our equipments and technology to the world, grew up with the Pharmaceutical Industry in China, contribute to the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, and join hands to build the dream of a strong pharmaceutical country.

Happy time is always short, if you are not have time be out booth at the CIPM, let’s see at this autumn in Chengdu. And we are also hope meeting with you on the 84th CMEF in Shanghai, our Booth No.:2.2J53.