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Passionate love Education, Supported by Intelligent Technology

Passionate love Education, Supported by Intelligent Technology

2020/07/16 09:23


For the last half year, all over the world are struggling to fight against for the COVID 19, Suzhou Antai Airtech do our best to supply a large number of Biosafety Cabinet for all of New PCR Labs for expanding the scope and capability of nucleic acid detection.

During the epidemic all of industry stopped, the education was also been hit, all of school from Kinder garden, Primary School, Middle School, to colleague were closed or delay open, at that time a new intelligent education model: on line education to be birth. 

From 2020, What kind of development and change will happen to education field?


Intelligent education
Future direction of education


Online education is a way of learn on the network. With the network, students and teachers they could also carry out teaching activities even thousands of miles, teaching not limited by time and place, can teach and learn at any time, no need face to face in the classroom. During the epidemic, There are 300 million teachers and students “no school” in China, the on line education take the responsibility to keep learning for all of students. 



There are some advantages for online education: It’s great flexibility to break the shackles of time and place. Secondly, everyone could share quality educational resources. At last the Internet has become an important tool for adult, it impact on our study and life. The disadvantages: The online education platform is numerous, competition is fierce, generally exists the advanced, the high-ranking discipline education; also Teachers can’t answer questions accurately and timely.



This "education + Internet" will be a reform for traditional education. Network education shows the imbalance in current primary and secondary education and its advantages in satisfying students' personalized learning needs. With the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, block chain, 5G network, big data and other new technologies, the future education will gradually evolve into real individualized and intelligent education.



Suzhou Airtech
Works for intelligent education


In the 1970s and 1980s, Suzhou Airtech took the lead in the development of the first domestic Clean Bench and won the silver award issued by the National Quality Award examination committee, and then BHC Biosafety Cabinets also won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Since then, Suzhou Airtech keep our original intention, make persistent efforts, pursue innovation, pay attention to best quality and service, constantly win the praise of users, to become one of the recommended enterprises of the High-tech Fair, help Sichuan University scientific research achievements transformation. Now, Suzhou Airtech products have been widely distributed in universities and scientific research institutions and enjoying a good reputation all over the word.



In order to go with the intelligent times, Suzhou Airtech are studying how to combine our equipment and Internet of Things technology to better serve customers in the past two years, So we introduced IoT smart connecting Biosafety cabinet. In addition to all the functions of a conventional Biosafety cabinet, it could be operation remotely through a small program on the mobile phone, as well as monitor the running state of the device, which can greatly save users' time and improve efficiency.