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Airtech Products equipment in PCR Laboratory

Airtech Products equipment in PCR Laboratory

2020/05/30 09:16

What’s PCR Laboratory?

PCR Laboratory is called gene amplification labs. PCR is the abbreviation of polymerase chain reaction, is a molecular biology technology, used to amplify specific DNA fragments, can significantly increase the amount of trace DNA, is a conventional method of molecular biology research and experiments.



By DNA gene tracking system, we can quickly grasp the virus in patients, as high nanometer level. It can accurately detect the number of new virus in patients, whether it is duplicated, whether it is contagious, how infectious it is, whether it is necessary to take medicine, whether the liver function is abnormal or not, which kind of antiviral drugs are the most suitable for patients to use in time, judge the efficacy of drugs, and provide a reliable basis for clinical treatment.



PCR Laboratory main experimental items are AIDS detection, hepatitis B, avian disease, oncogene detection and diagnosis, DNA finger prints, individual identification, paternity testing and forensic evidence and so on.



How Important the PCR Laboratory in viral research?

PCR laboratory can effectively protect operators from infection, protect pathogen samples from contamination, and protect the environment from contamination in virus research.



PCR laboratory air flow must be strictly in accordance with: reagent storage and preparation area → specimen preparation area → amplification product analysis area, the air pressure is gradually decreased, to preventing the amplification products along with the air flow into the amplification area. If not have professional and strict ventilation design, will make the air flow chaos, harm operator health.



The PCR laboratory have played a key role in the fight against COVID-19, thousands of new COVID-19 nucleic acids test paper been tested every day, it’s used in every country major hospitals and research institutions.



Airtech Products equipment in PCR Laboratory

For the COVID-19, there are four areas for nucleic acid test paper detection will be in the PCR laboratory: reagent preparation area, sample preparation area, amplification area and amplification product analysis area. The reagent preparation area for receiving the patient's sample, the sample preparation area is for extracting the nucleic acid of the sample, the amplification area is the amplified copy nucleic acid sample, the analysis area after amplification is the nucleic acid sample paired with the standard sample, if detected, it’s positive, if not is negative.



Air Laminar Flow used at reagent preparation area as a operating table, equipped with sampler, refrigerator, balance, low speed centrifuge, mixer, movable ultraviolet lamp and other equipment in the PCR laboratory; Biosafety Cabinet used in specimen preparation areas in the PRC laboratory. Suzhou Airtech Laminar Air Flow and biosafety cabinet are humanized design, the adjustable air supply system with high efficiency and energy saving. Biosafety Cabinet unique unique technology of "preventing leakage" and "unobstructed return air ", can protect the operator, test sample and laboratory environment very well.



The Laminar Air Flow and the biosafety cabinet are both play a key role at the COVID 19 nucleic acid detection and extraction. Not only used in PCR laboratories, but also used in P1, P2, P3 and P4 laboratories. Except for Laminar Air Flow and Biosafety cabinets, Suzhou Airtech also have a series of clean products, such as Pass Box, Clean hand dryers, cleaning units and air outlets.