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Suzhou Antai Airtech still keeping support fight for the COVID 19

Suzhou Antai Airtech still keeping support fight for the COVID 19

2020/04/26 15:24

When the Spring coming, Wuhan city is wake up again after lockdown 76days for COVID19. From the cold winter to the warm spring, from the clouds to the sunshine, Wuhan City restore the prosperity of the past, traffic, endless flow, this is the daily life we are complain thousands of times, but now we love it so much.



The finial success is geting support from all walk of life of the our country. Suzhou Antai Airech as a backup COVID19 testing used equipment supplier, the worker of our factory are on the workshop line to keep the Biosafety Cabinet, Air Partition Booth and Nagetive Pressuare for Ambulance ect supply on time.



Now the world undergo the same tough situation as Wuhan city in China 3 months ago. Suzhou Antai Airtech as a Lab and Medical euipments supplier, we will take our responsibility to do what we could do for the world fight for the COVID19.


Now Let’s see what we do now :

1.    Suzhou Antai Airtech donate the Air Partition Booth to supprot Iranian people of combating the COVID 19.


2.    Suzhou Antai Airtech Factory keep working to produce the Biosafety Cabient supporting the “fire-eye” Laboratory building all word, and some now is working. The “fire-eye” Laboratory is built by BGI HEALTH CO., LTD, It plays a important role in the Wuhan City for COVID 19 before.


On 29th March, the world's first international “fire-eye” laboratory was launched in the United Arab Emirates. It’s the first laboratory operating outside of China with the ability to do tens of thousands of human-grade New Coronavirus nucleic acid detection (RT-PCR).



Meanwhile the first “fire-eye” laboratory in ASEAN in Brunei also officially started operations. It’s Equipped with Suzhou Antai Airtech Biosafety Cabinets to meet the local COVID 19 of large-scale accurate detection and diagnosis.



On 20th April, the inauguration ceremony of the Belgrade “fire-eye” laboratory, which was commissioned by the Serbia government to be constructed by China BGI Group, was held at the Serbian Clinical Medical Center. The completion of Belgrade's “fire-eye” laboratory is a major event for the fight against the New Coronavirus epidemic in Cyprus and for the implementation of the digital reform of the medical and health system proposed by President Vučić. The completion of the laboratory will help expand virus detection capabilities and play a key role in ultimately controlling the epidemic.



For Some other Country, we also offered our Biosafety Cabient for the Local Laboratory and MOH testing the COVID 19.

Pantai Premier Pathology is Malaysia's renowned medical diagnostic laboratory dedicated to providing continuous excellent testing and diagnostic services with high accuracy and minimum turnaround time.



At the same time, BGI's new Cronavirus nucleic acid testing product has been registered with the Australian Drug Administration (TGA), to supply the Australian clinical market. To respond to the epidemic needs, last week we again completed a large number of Biosafety Cabinets.



The Biosafety Cabinet Class III used in CDC Kenya for COVID 19 detecting viral nucleic acids.



We have also provided a large number of Biosafety Cabinet and Air Partition Booth for United States, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Peru, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Viet Nam, India and other countries. In this time of crisis, we have worked together to overcome the difficulties and do our best to help countries overcome the epidemic and restore normal time soon.