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Support Xi'an international Medical Center, Care for human being health

Support Xi'an international Medical Center, Care for human being health

2019/10/18 11:49
On September 25th, a large-scale modern comprehensive international Medical hospital – Xi'an International Medical Center is put into use. Xi'an International Medical Center is a collection of medical, teaching, scientific research, health management, rehabilitation and health care. It is a large-scale modern comprehensive hospital built in accordance with JCI international certification and third-class standards. 
Suzhou Antai Airtech Co., Ltd products Biosafety cabinet and clean bench used for Xi’an International Medical Center's Intravenous Drug Distribution Center (PIVAS). On September 27th, the first infusion configuration information was transmitted to the PIVAS system, the doctors and nurses began to follow the PIVAS workflow in an orderly manner. The pharmacists and nurses performed their duties and cooperated fully in the clean and sterile environment provided by our products. We are proud that we are still could do some things for the human been health.
In recent years, international medicine organization has focused on the medical care and building a modern and comprehensive hospital is a major measure for the implementation of the Healthy China Strategy by the “One Belt, One Road” and a major support for building a national central city and an international metropolis of Asia-Europe cooperation and exchange. Meanwhile Suzhou Antai Airtech is also strengthen own ability and get the chance to provide professional integrated air purification solutions for more modern medical center projects.