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Suzhou Antai Airtech 2019 Innovation Medical Exhibition ended successfully!

Suzhou Antai Airtech 2019 Innovation Medical Exhibition ended successfully!

2019/09/09 09:15
On September 7, 2019 China International Medical Innovation Exhibition ended successfully at Suzhou International Expo Center. This exhibition was co-sponsored by Düsseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the National Medical Device Industry Technology Innovation Service Alliance. With a total 15,000 square meters exhibition area and have 302 manufacturer exhibitors.
Suzhou Antai Airtech booth No.: C073. This exhibition we showed our latest Bio.safety Cabinets and Clean Bench products to show case our latest technology for this field.
The same period the sponsor held the medical device-related forum activities. Like China Medical Device Summit Forum, China Medical Device Translation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum, FTR4H Digital Medical Forum (CMIF Special Edition) and National Doctors Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference, etc. The speakers have a unique insight into the medical device industry and a wonderful analysis of industry hotspots.
Thanks for all our customers support and trust in Suzhou Antai Airtech, we will keep going forever!