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Biosafety Cabinet Class III fight for Ebola Virus

Biosafety Cabinet Class III fight for Ebola Virus

2019/07/23 10:16
In February 2014, Ebola epidemic broke out in West Africa and many other country and area.  China Government responded to the epidemic call quickly. The Medical rescue team was dispatched and anti-E3 laboratory was established. Sample testing for China testing team is using Suzhou Antai Airtech Biosafety Cabinet Class II.
The Class III biosafety cabinet is the safest cabinet that provides the highest level of safety protection in the world. It allows samples to have strong volatile toxic chemicals, which are suitable for extremely dangerous, highly infectious, highly polluting samples, unknown viruses. The fully enclosed design allows the operator through gloves in the front window of the cabinet, so it is also called Glove box. The test sample pass through the safety cabinet with the double-door pass box to ensure protection from contamination. Used for Biological tests for risks, such as SARS and Ebola sample experiments.
Suzhou Antai Airtech BSC-00III biosafety cabinet provides absolute protection for operators, samples and the environment, Far away from the dangers of infectious and airborne particles. The Biosafety Cabinet Class III has some strength:
1. Colorful LCD screen Show negative-pressure, Fan state in real-time, HEPA filter life, and alarm function.
2. 10°sloped front comfortable for operator, fully closed stronger safety front window, with isolated glove for operation and Pass box equipment with sterilization.
3. Negative-pressure in workspace, Air supply through two-stage filtration, Air exhaust is controlled by two-stage fan which interlocked, More effective and intuitive to ensure the equipment operation safety.
In August 2018, Suzhou Antai Airtech welcomed the Kenyan customers to visit our factory inspect Biosafety cabinet Class III project for the Kenya CDC. During the inspection, the customer high recognition for the Biosafety Cabinet design, function and appearance, and also confirmed the company's production scale and comprehensive strength, and signed an order for Biosafety cabinet of 40-foot cabinet.
The Ebola virus is the highest biosafety grade BSL-4, and must be highest protected when operating and studying it. The best way to prevent Ebola virus infection is the Ebola vaccine. At present, several vaccines are still in the experimental stage. Suzhou Antai Airtech biosafety cabinet Class III not only protects the operator's safety, but also promotes the development of vaccines not pollute. This what we can do for the international medical cause.