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Suzhou Antai Airtech CPhI Exhibition ended successfully

Suzhou Antai Airtech CPhI Exhibition ended successfully

2019/06/21 09:51
On June 20th, the three-day CPhI& P-MEC China 2019 exhibition ended successfully at Shanghai New International Expo Center!
On the first day of the exhibition, Shanghai was under pouring rain. The exhibition scene is out of the ordinary and full of person. More than 3,200 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies are Wonderful appearance, more than 120 countries and regions, about 70,000 spectators attended the event, It’s full of popularity.
Suzhou Antai Airtech state with Sujing Group located at booth D02 of Pharmaceutical Machinery Hall N, Our new Clean bench, Biosafety cabinet, Sampling Hood and Package Chargeable Clean Vehicle that we show on the Exhibition, Attracted many domestic and foreign customers to come to consult and negotiate. The exquisite workmanship and excellent quality of Suzhou Antai Airtech products won the praise of customers. 
This exhibition is happy ending , let us see you next time!