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Welcome Sodium Chloride Injection visit Suzhou Antai Airtech

Welcome Sodium Chloride Injection visit Suzhou Antai Airtech

2019/06/03 09:57
On 30th May, more than 40 visitors from Sodium Chloride Injection Pharmaceuticals came to visit Suzhou Antai Airtech, received a warm reception.
Firstly our Vice President Mr. Wang of the marketing expressed his warmest welcome to the visit of Sodium Chloride Injection Pharmaceutical team and expressed his desire for long time and deep cooperation in the future. And then, Vice President Mr.Wu of the Design Department introduced the development of Suzhou Antai Airtech in the past 50 years history, the technical characteristics and application fields of our major products like Clean Bench , Biosafety Cabinet and Air Shower etc. Finally, director the Institute’s Mr. Chen answered the technical issues raised by visitors and won warm applause.
After meeting,the Sodium Chloride Injection team visited Suzhou Antai Airtech showroom and manufacturing workshop .During the visit our technology engineers gave live demonstrations and explanations all of different type products use-methods, procedures and precautions.
After the visit, the Sodium Chloride Injection team not only deep understand the strength of Suzhou Antai Airtech, but also recognized the product quality.
We look forward long-term cooperation in the future!