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Suhzou Antai Airtech Love Fund

Suhzou Antai Airtech Love Fund

2018/08/10 13:41


For better serve the development of young people, help more students to pursuing their dreams of inspirational learning, seeking knowledge and returning to society, and spreading "believing in love, gathering love, and transmitting love". Suhzou Antai Airtech, the Suzhou Municipal Committee and the Suzhou Youth Development Foundation fully cooperate, established the “Suzhou Antai Airtech Love Fund” and signed a cooperation agreement.


The “Suzhou Antai Airtech Love Fund” will last for 3 years from 2018. It is used for the “Love Cube” Public Welfare University of Suzhou Youth Foundation and the “Love Cube” Hope activity of Suzhou & Tongren, support the difficulties and low income family of Suzhou City. college students' family living allowances, public welfare grants, and tuition support for young people in Tongren area.


Suzhou Antai Airtech has been committed to providing air technology purification solutions for various fields more than 50 years. While developing our company, we also taken social responsibility, actively participated in public welfare and delivered positive energy. In the future, our company will rely on the “Suzhou Antai Airtech Love Fund” to help those who need help, to contribute their own efforts to charity and public welfare, to promote positive energy and to achieve the Chinese dream!