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        Sujing Antai has large-scale workshops and advanced production equipment, including:

        • Processing workshop - equipped with advanced sheet metal chassis machining centers imported from the United States and Japan

        •Surface coating workshop –equipped with international first-class coating production lines and adopting high-quality coating materials of international brands;

        The surfaces are uniform, smooth, and antistatic.

        •General assembly and component assembly – in controlled environments

        Sujing Antai implements whole-process tracing and inspection in production through self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection in strict compliance with the ISO9001 - 2000 quality system, to ensure the overall quality of each process.

        • Products supply–the company has sufficient capabilities for designing and manufacturing, being able to guarantee timely delivery for customers.

        Stocks of all standard products are available, and non-standard products can be supplied in two to four weeks.