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        Based on the technologies of Sujing Group, Sujing Antai set up its own independent R&D center. It has the only biological safety cabinet microbiology laboratory, simulated clean operation room and comprehensive laboratory among the production enterprises in China. The R & D center is responsible for the research and development of the company's cutting-edge technologies, the research and development and technological upgrading of basic components, and the preliminary comprehensive technological demonstration of major projects. In recent years, a number of R & D results and new products of the company have passed the ministerial and provincial level appraisals and obtained awards. The R&D center has been obtained more than 20 national patents including invention patents, utility model patents, and appearance design patents. The company has being maintaining constant technological exchanges with the Japanese company AIRTECH and sharing the latest research results with it. The technologies of the company have been keeping pace with AIRTECH and maintaining in the international leading position in the industry.

        Sujing Antai has a well-experienced design team, which is capable of responding to the special needs of customers in various fields, and providing customers with the best technological solutions for air purification in a fast and efficient way. It has become one of the characteristics of the company to customize all kinds of non-standard products according to customer requirements.